The Rusty Bumper Puzzle Book – 100 number and word puzzles

Ideal for those long car journeys, guaranteed to make the miles fly by when you can’t take any more rounds of ‘I Spy’ and ‘Ten Green Bottles’. Unlike other puzzles, the Rusty Bumper puzzle book is designed with the trials of the Australian Outback in mind… it never needs recharging (because it’s a long time between power points), the text is always crystal clear in the harshest light (say, when you’re stuck in the blazing sun waiting for a tow) and it still works when damp. Rolled up, it has even been proven to be an effective defence against redbacks, though a croc may need more convincing.

The book has a variety of puzzles, including:

  • 30 Sudoku
  • 20 Wordoku (sudoku with words!)
  • 30 Target
  • 20 Kakuro (number crossword puzzles)

The Rusty Bumper puzzle book is free to download, but we would request that you make a donation – the recommended donation amount for the book is $5. If you want to donate more (or less), just change the amount on the payment paqe!

All proceeds from this book go towards the Shitbox Rally fundraising efforts for the Cancer Council NSW.

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Download the Rusty Bumper Puzzle Book
The Rusty Bumper Puzzle Book