Depending on your curiosity, feel free to browse the following:

  • The Heir – pictures of Logan 2.0 on the Internet. He’s a chip off the old block, but better looking (Mum’s genes)
  • Adventures in Apertures – the things they teach you in Digital Camera class

I have finally returned to Facebook (since everyone else is on there) as ivanlogan; I’m also on Twitter as ivanlogan; and I’m still on LinkedIn as Ivan Logan. I am also guilty of having worked* here:

  • Global Head of Development at Westfield
  • Director of Technology at Fairfax Digital (again) – Transactions division: RSVP, Stayz, Essential Baby
  • Chief Technology Officer at Tramada – travel technology provider to a fair proportion of Aussie travel agencies with more than five bums on seats
  • Development Lead at Fairfax Digital – News and Information, SMH
  • Architect at T-Mobile (UK) – originally T-Motion, the mobile portal business, then went through a bunch of mergers and name changes. Last I heard it was amusingly renamed to EU33. Go team!
  • Architect at Sapient (UK) – second man onto the Opodo travel project, only got off it by getting married
  • Technical Specialist at Macquarie Bank – Equity Markets
  • Technical Specialist at SSA – actually SSA Object Technology in Newbury, UK. Bought up by a company from Sweden because the office was right next door to Vodafone
  • Hull University – fond memories of BSc(Comp Sci), PhD, dodgy kebabs and the Smell of Death from the East Hull chip-shop oil reconditioning factory

*for any random definition of ‘worked’